Prospective Participation (Current or Future Patients)

Whether you visited our clinic for a single consultation, genetic testing or underwent infertility treatment recently, you are crucial to understanding how reproductive and fertility evaluations contribute your child’s long term health.


What is required of me?

  • Complete a questionnaire regarding your dietary habits and environment
  • A small sample of blood and urine for potential future use to better understand metabolic changes in your child
  • An ultrasound of you or your gestational carrier's uterine arteries - completed at a regularly scheduled CRH ultrasound
  • Should you become pregnant, a specimen of cord blood & placenta obtained at delivery if you choose to deliver at UCSF

Benefits for your Participation

  • You will receive monetary compensation for your participation.
  • As we analyze the data, anonymous study results will be posted on the DESCRT website.


Want to hear more?

Email us at or call our study coordinator Maria Lara (415) 476-3798 and we will contact you shortly!