Developmental Epidemiological Study of Children born through Reproductive Technology
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What is DESCRT? 

DESCRT will be a long-term study that both looks back in time, at successful pregnancies, and forward in time at early pregnancy and long-term as these children grow. Currently, there are limited data on the long-term effects of infertility and infertility treatments on children.  There are some studies to suggest that these children may have altered metabolic profiles, but this study aims to be the largest study to answer this question. We will need over 2000 participants; your participation will be incredibly valuable! 

Benefits from Your participation

•Past Patients: Brief report on your child's current health & monetary compensation
•Current or Future Patients: Monetary compensation
•As we analyze the data, results will be posted on the DESCRT website

Do I Qualify?

A diagnosis of infertility or treatment is NOT required. Single parents, familes created using a gestational carrier, egg or sperm donor and LGBTQ familes are welcome. 

There are two groups in the DESCRT study. The FIRST group (Retrospective) is for patients that have previously conceived (spontaneously or with medical assistance) after a visit to the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health.  The SECOND group (Prospective) is for patients that are currently trying to conceive after a visit to the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health. 


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